Olivia is an intellectual artist that is committed to a life of the exploration of humanity.  She started out college at Laboratory Institute of Merchandising for a degree in Fashion Marketing following her passion of fashion and the modern arts world.  Olivia was yearning for a broader range of education, so she transferred to George Washington University.   

In 2014 she graduated with a bachelor's degree in International Affairs a concentration in Contemporary Cultures and Societies with regional concentrations in the Horn of Africa , the Middle East, and  Europe and Eurasia, while gaining a working proficiency in French.  Olivia's education has given her a strong foundation in understanding  our current world, how it's changing, and why we have come to the current political, social, economic and artistic situations we live in today.  

She is truly an artist with a  passion for the mind, self reflection, and the desire for a constant investigation of life, humanity, and the workings of the mind. Her passion for life and experience has lead her to acting.  She is a unique artist  approaching roles in unique ways using her unusual life experience, education, and world travels.

Starting her career out in short films with graduate students from film schools across the city, Olivia hopes to expand her reach in acting to major and independent films and exceptional theatre while keeping a hand in the workings of society and culture through volunteering, writing, and different types of cultural events and discussions.